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The Story

What Does Good Look Like?

It starts with this question: “ What does good look like ? ”

Our story follows vanguard architect, author and International Living Future Institute CEO, Jason McLennan, as we connect with the leading deep-green thinkers of our time. Armed with a 48-page manifesto, he asks us to imagine: what if every single act of design made the world a better place?

As humanity faces imminent ecological collapse, the Living Building Challenge inspires hope. Our buildings turn out to be the largest single contributor to our environment’s degradation; the places we live, work and play therefore provide us the greatest opportunity for restorative change.


The Challenge is a parable of epic proportion. History is in the making and it calls for bold honesty and compassionate strength.  From the smallest action to a change of heart, it will take each and every one of us.  Our environment knows no borders, gated communities or sovereign state. Living Buildings, Living Cities, Living Planet. It’s the biggest story ever told… and that is The Challenge


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